#TheDress explained...

Friday, February 27, 2015

By now, you pretty much have to be living under a rock if you haven't heard of #TheDress controversy. It's all over social media, the news, and even celebrities are divided on this issue.

And yes, I know that by now it has pretty much been proven that the dress is Blue and Black, so I am not here today to convince you that it is White and Gold. I am only here to show you why half of us see it that way. It is all a matter of perception and how your brain processes information.

See the composite I created below. The photo on the far left is of snow in my own backyard, taken this morning on my iPhone. The bright parts at the top is where the sun was hitting the snow. The darker, blue-ish area at the bottom is where the house was casting a shadow on the snow. Now, I know that snow is white, so my eye sees all of it -- even the darker, blue-ish areas -- as white. That is how my brain processes that information. My brain does not say "OH, look. There's white snow and blue snow!" When I look at #TheDress photo on the right, the lighter portions of the dress look the same color to my eye as the shaded snow areas on the left photo, therefore, I process that information as WHITE.

Now, onto the gold versus black debate. I have also placed two Pantone swatches on the far right of the photo. One denotes PMS872 Gold, and the other one is Black. My eye sees the darker portions of this dress as looking exactly like the top Pantone swatch. And yes, I know lots of you out there can use the same reasoning I did above with the snow and say that the photo was underexposed, so the black areas are showing brownish/tannish. And apparently, that IS the case. But, I cannot help it that my brain processes this information as gold/tan, not black.

That is it! I am not arguing that the dress in White and Gold. Just merely explaining why some of us (or apparently most of us... 75%) see it as such.

My biggest concern at the moment is is not this dumb dress, but my fabric designs! When I think I have drawn a magenta hummingbird, is everyone seeing it as such, or are some of you seeing it in a different color? Hmmm...

Modkid Styled - Grace

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I don't know about you, but I am so ready to bring on summer sewing!! Instead of getting too far ahead of myself, I thought a good way to ease in would be a good capri pant. The Modkid Grace pattern would also work great for schools that don't allow shorts in the dress code!!

  1. Fuscia Quatrefoil fabric
  2. Breezy Tangerine fabric
  3. Little Daisy fabric
  4. Butterfly barrettes
  5. bracelet
  6. canvas shoes 

Sewing Tips & Tricks: Gathering

Monday, February 23, 2015

Today, we are starting a new series on the blog giving a few of our Tips and Tricks for sewing. These posts may include everything from gathering to embroidery. In fact, we would love to hear from you about any techniques you would like us to shed some light on!

   Gather: to draw (cloth) up on a thread in fine folds or puckers by means of even stitches.

The following steps guide you through the process of attaching a gathered piece of fabric to a flat piece of fabric. In this case, I am attaching a gathered skirt to a waist band. This process would be the same for attaching a gathered skirt to a bodice or a ruffle to the bottom of a dress.

First, mark or notch the center front and back of the skirt pieces and the waistband or bodice. You will use the center markings and the side seams as guides to help distribute the gathers.

Using the longest length stitch on your machine, sew two rows of basting stitches around the fabric to be gathered (the skirt). Sew one row 1/4" above the seam allowance, and one row 1/4" below the seam allowance. This way, when you sew the skirt to the bodice or waistband, you will sew down the middle of the basting stitches. I also overlap the basted rows at the beginning and end. Do not backstitch at the beginning or end, and leave tails of the threads to pull.

Begin to gather the fabric by pulling the two bobbin threads on the same side of the basted rows at the same time. Pull half of the gathers from the beginning of the basting rows and half of the gathers from the end of the basting rows. Continue pulling the bobbin threads and adjusting the gathers until the skirt width is roughly the same as the waistband or bodice width.

Pin the skirt to the waistband with right sides together at the side seams and at the center points you marked earlier. Adjust the gathers as needed between these points. You can secure the basting threads by wrapping them in a figure 8 around the pin.

Once adjusted, pin the rest of the way around the waistband or bodice. The more pins you use, the more likely your gathers will stay in place as you sew.

Sew the skirt to the waistband or bodice at the seam allowance. Go slow and make sure the gathers stay even.

Finish the seam with a serger or zig-zag stitch.

Remove the visible gathering stitch.

Refer to your pattern for pressing the seam allowance and topstitching.

For this tutorial, I used the Modkid Katie Skirt pattern without the pockets and flounce.

A few more patterns to apply this method would be the Wrap Skirt, Avery Dress, Olivia Dress and many more!

Free For All - Sunny Days Tank

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In case you thought the FREE Modkid Sunny Days Tank was just for warm, sunny days, come over to my Sweeter Than Cupcakes blog to see how I used the pattern for the Free for All series. 

Reese Sew-Along // Results and Winners

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I am writing in the middle of freezing wintry weather, and the Reese Sew-Along dress are sending warm thoughts my way!! I know some little ladies have some fantastic dresses just in time for spring!

Each of these dresses is so unique. We are so thankful the prize is selected at random, because I know we couldn't settle on a favorite! The lucky winner of the $50 gift card to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is Jamie.

All of the participants in the sew along will receive a discount coupon to use in the Modkid Etsy shop.

I have collected the Reese Sew-Along Posts on this page. You can easy access the sew-along pages at any time through the links on the sidebar.

Modkid Rachel

Monday, February 16, 2015

We're pretty excited to announce that the Modkid Rachel that was previously part of the Bundle Up collection, is now available for individual purchase!! You can purchase the Rachel pattern in the Etsy shop or on Craftsy.

Reese Sew-Along // Day 5

Friday, February 13, 2015

I hope you are loving your Reese so far!! After today's sewing your Reese will be complete!

Pin each skirt piece right sides together and sew along the sides. Finish with a serger or zig-zag. Baste gathering stitches along the top of the skirt pieces. I use a long stitch length with a 1/2" seam allowance. Pull the bobbin thread to gather the skirt to the same circumference as the bodice bottom edge.

With the skirt inside out and the bodice right sides out, place the bodice inside the skirt so they are right sides together. Align the side seams, and pin the bodice to the skirt. Adjust the gathers as needed.  Be sure the tabs and ties are out of the way. Stitch around the top of the skirt and finish with a serger or zig-zag.

Turn the dress right side out and press the seam allowance up. Topstitch around the bodice and remove any visible gathering stitches.

Hem the bottom of the skirt by folding and pressing the skirt to the wrong side 1/4" and then again 1/2". Stitch along the inner fold.

Stitch two buttons were indicated on the front bodice.

Stitch one button where indicated at the back bodice.

Finished!! Sit back and admire your beautiful work! Be sure to add your photos of the completed dress to our Facebook Group before Monday, February 16th to be entered to win the Jo-Ann Gift Certificate. You can share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged with #reesesewalong. We will announce the winner next week!

See the rest of the Reese Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #reesesewalong.

Reese Sew-Along // Day 4

Thursday, February 12, 2015

We only have a few steps today to wrap up the bodice. 

Open up the bodice layers at the sides. Place the front and back lining pieces right sides together and the front and back bodice pieces right sides together. Make sure the underarm seam is aligned. Stitch the underarm seam. Press the seam open. Repeat for the other side.

Fold the bodice right side out and press around the arm opening. Topstitch around arm opening. Repeat for the other side.

Stitch a buttonhole at the marking on the back bodice.

Overlap the back bodice so that the bottom points match up with the notches. The side with the button hole should be on top. Baste in place.

Tomorrow we will complete the skirt portion of the dress!!

See the rest of the Reese Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #reesesewalong.

Reese Sew Along // Day 3

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We will get the bodice started today and wrap it up tomorrow.

Place the back bodice pieces right sides together with the front bodice piece and stitch at the shoulder. Repeat for the back bodice lining and the front bodice lining. Press the seams open.

Pin a tab and tie combo right sides together to the front bodice between the notches.

The button tab should be right sides together with the front bodice and parallel to the bottom raw edge. Baste in place and repeat for the opposite side.

Pin the entire bodice right sides together with the bodice lining. You may find it helpful to draw in the seam allowance at the v-neck as shown.

Stitch along the angled back edges and around the v-neck. Also, stitch around the armholes. Leave the bottom and side seams unstitched.

Trim the seam allowances, clip the back corners and curves, and clip into the V at the front. Turn the bodice right sides out by pulling the back bodice through the shoulder.

Press well and topstitch along the back diagonal edges and around the neck. If sewing View B, topstitch over the collar edge. Do not topstitch around the arm opening yet.

That's it for today! We will complete the bodice tomorrow.

See the rest of the Reese Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #reesesewalong.
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