Avery Dress Sew-Along // Day 3

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today is all about the bodice. We'll attach the collar and the lining, then get those buttonholes all in a row. Again, all seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

Lay your main bodice (not the lining) out on the table with the right side up. With the right side of the collar facing up, align the notch on the collar with the center back notch on the back bodice and pin in place. The front edge of the collar should align with the front notches. Pin around the inside edge of the collar. Baste the collar to the bodice close to the raw edge (1/4" seam allowance).

Place the bodice lining over the outer bodice with right sides together. Pin around the neckline and down each front edge, sandwiching the collar in between. Stitch with a 3/4" seam allowance up the front edges and a 1/2" seam allowance around the neckline.

Clip the front corners and trim the neckline cure to 1/4" seam allowance. Clip the curve, but do not cut into the stitching.

Turn the bodice right side out and press all finished edges well. Push out the corners with a blunt tool. Press the collar down. Topstitch each finished front edge and around the neckline underneath the collar.

Baste the remaining raw edges (sides, font bottom, and back bottom).

Create 7 horizontal buttonholes on the left side of the front bodice where you marked them on Day 1. The buttonholes should be 1/2" wide for sizes 2T to 5 or 3/4" wide for sizes 6 to 10. Be sure to create a test hole in scrap fabrics to ensure a good fit with your buttons.

Overlap the front edges of the front bodice 3/4" and align the front edges with the notches of the opposite side. Baste close to the raw edge at the overlap. Done for today!

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We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Flickr group or Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #averysewalong.

Avery Dress Sew-Along // Day 2

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome to Day 2 of the Avery Dress sew-along! Today we will be working with the collar, optional pocket, and bodice pieces. As you can see in our graphic photo, I have added pre-made piping to the collar of the dress, so I’ll be showing you that process as well. Let’s get started! Keep in mind that the seam allowances are 1/2” unless noted otherwise.

Grab one of your main collar pattern pieces and start pinning the piping around the outside ring with right sides together. If you are not adding piping, skip down to the third instructional photo.

Baste the piping in place. A zipper foot helps to get up close to the piped edge. I like to sew right on top of the piping stitches when I baste it in place.

Pin the collar pieces right sides together around the outer curve with the piping in between and the basting stitches on the top collar piece. If you are not including the piping, this is where you join us, and pin the collar pieces right sides together around the outer curve.

Stitch the outer curve. If you are using piping, try to keep your stitches just to the inside of the basting stitches.

Trim the seam allowance along the outer curve and clip into the seam allowance using caution to not clip the stitches.

Turn the collar right side out and press well. Topstitch around the sewn edge.

If you are including the optional pocket, place each pocket piece right sides together and stitch around all edges leaving a 1” gap open on the side to turn. Clip the corners and trim at the bottom point.

Turn right sides out through the opening and press. Fold the top straight edge of the pocket over to the right side 3/4” and press to create a “cuff”.

Position the pocket onto the right side of the front bodice. Topstitch around the sides and bottom. I like to stitch small triangles at the top of pockets to reinforce the corners. Alternately, you can backstitch a couple times to reinforce.

Finally, place the front bodice and back bodice right sides together and pin at the shoulders. Stitch at the shoulders and press the seam allowance to one side. Repeat for the remaining front and back lining bodice pieces.

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We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Flickr group or Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #averysewalong.

Avery Dress Sew-Along // Day One

Monday, September 29, 2014

Day one of the Avery Dress sew-along has finally arrived!! Today we’ll get all of the prep work out of the way, so we can get the sewing started tomorrow. Are you with me?!?

Modkid Avery Sew Along

First, head to your computer and print out your pattern. Here’s a few tips I like to use for printing:
  • Print the instruction pages on two sides (front and back). For the Avery pattern, these are pages 1-10. I also save ink by not printing the pretty cover and inspiration pages (1, 9-10), but that’s up to you.
  • Print the pattern pages (11-26) on a single side only. Make sure your scaling is set to “none”. Before you rush off and print all the pattern pages, check the view you intend to sew. Pattern pieces D and E are two different sleeve options. Also note, pattern pieces F and G are optional variations. Don’t print what you don’t need.
  • Above all, utilize the test squares to make sure your pattern has printed at the full scale.

Modkid Avery Sew Along

Next, cut all pattern pieces of your desired size. Be sure to include the gray/shaded areas in your cuts.

Modkid Avery Sew Along

Overlap the shaded areas, as indicated on the pattern pieces, and tape each piece together to form the full pattern pieces.

Now you are ready to cut into your pretty fabric! You’ll need to refer to the cutting diagram in the pattern for the layout. Here is a list of the pattern pieces you will need:
  • Pattern Piece A – Front Bodice: Cut 4 from fabric #1.
  • Pattern Piece B – Back Bodice: Cut 2 on the fold from fabric #1.
  • Pattern Piece C – Collar: Cut 2 on the fold from fabric #2.
  • View B, Pattern Piece D – Short Sleeve: Cut 2 from fabric #1.
  • View C, Pattern Piece E – Long Sleeve, Cut 2 from fabric #1.
  • Pattern Piece F and G are the optional pocket and belt loop pieces.
  • Skirt: See the chart on page 3 for the skirt panel measurements. Cut 2.
NOTE: The skirt panel width dimension refers to the full width of the skirt. If cutting fabric on the fold, divide the width measurement in half.

Modkid Avery Sew Along

On pattern piece A, you will want to mark the buttonholes and transfer the notches. The buttonholes will be on the left side of the Front Bodice (from the viewer’s point of view).
Tomorrow we sew!

See the rest of the Avery Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Flickr group or Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #averysewalong.

Kimono Wrap For Kids

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do you remember the Kimono Wrap formerly only available through the Road Trip Pattern Club? Well, it is now available for independent purchase! One of the great things about this pattern is that you can sew it for all ages and sizes! The instructions are all based on individual measurements, so you get the right fit every time.

I actually made this one from two bath towels from Wal-mart with a little extra fabric for the sash and neck band. By using the towel edges, I didn't even have to hem the robe!

My daughter just might think this is the coolest thing I've made her!!

Pattern Changes:

For a child sized version, I adjusted the sleeve width from 6" to 4". Also, I narrowed the shoulder width for cutting the diagonal from 6" to 5". Just check that your neck opening isn't too narrow.

More Ideas:

  • Sew kids sizes for a spa birthday party.
  • Sew adult versions for a bridal party.
  • Sew a girl's a Mulan costume. *
  • Sew an adult Geisha costume. *
*Don't forget! If you sew a costume with a Modkid pattern, share your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag them with #modkidhalloween for a chance to be featured on our blog this coming month. We have a super fun series planned and would love your participation!

Avery Dress Sew-Along // Schedule & Prizes

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Only 5 days and counting until the sew-along begins!! I hope you’ve narrowed down your fabric options and gathered the rest of your materials. If not, you still have time!!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store for the week ahead….

Avery Dress Sew-Along Schedule

  • Day 1 – Prepare the pattern and cut the pattern pieces. 
  • Day 2 – Sew the collar and pocket. Prepare the bodice and bodice lining. 
  • Day 3 – Attach the collar and lining. Sew the buttonholes.
  • Day 4 – Sew the sleeves and complete the bodice.
  • Day 5 – Sew and attach the skirt. Sew on the buttons.


We have even more fun in store for the sew-along!! In addition to having an amazing dress when you’re done, you have a chance to win one of three prize packs. Here’s the break down:

Prize #1: Best Costume

  • 3 MODKID Patterns
  • 2 Ribbon Samplers
  • 1 Designer Pin Tin
  • 1 FQ Bundle of Heaven & Helsinki fabrics
We’re going to have some fun next month with Halloween costumes, so let’s get started with putting a costume spin on your Avery Dress. The best costume will be awarded the Modkid Lovers prize pack. Don’t forget the inspiration post and Patty’s amazing Wednesday Addams version!
Prize #2: Best Use of Materials
  • Bundle of assorted trims: ribbon, ricrac, ruffle rack
  • 7 button cards of assorted colors & sizes
  • 1 FQ of gray and white chevron fabric
This prize pack will go to the most creative use of “all the trimmings.” Suggestions include, but are not limited to fancy fabrics, laces, ribbons, embroidery, appliqué, etc.


Prize #3: Overall Participation
  • 1 copy of MODKID Summer Fun (doll clothing book by Patty Young)
  • 1 copy of Playful Designs (*not yet released* coloring book by Patty Young!)

Finally, we have a category just for sewing along with us. One participant will be selected for the bookworm package at random.

Many thanks to C&T Publishing and Riley Blake for sponsoring our sew-along!!

Here is exactly how to participate:

  • Sew along with us or at your own pace.
  • Ask questions here or in our Modkid Facebook Group.
  • Post progress photos in our Flickr Group, Facebook Group or Instagram with hashtag #averysewalong
  • Photograph your finished dress and add it to the Flickr Group or Facebook Group. Post photos of your dress to Facebook and Instagram using the tag #averysewalong so we can all find you. You do not have to do all of the above!!

To be eligible for the grand prize, be sure to add your photos by Monday, October 6th. Please only add photos you don’t mind us sharing on the blog!

Grab your materials, wash and dry your fabrics, and get ready to sew!!

She's creepy and she's kooky...

Monday, September 22, 2014

When I was helping Courtney do some fun research for her Avery Costume Inspiration post, I had a few Wednesday Addams images up on my screen. My youngest, Sydney, looked over my shoulder and said, "Who's that?". I took it as an invitation to travel down memory lane, explaining everything about the original Addams Family show, which I watched as re-runs growing up, and then how the "new" movies came out in the early-90's and made the characters "trendy". I thought about watching the movies with the kids, but sadly I only had them in VHS. But, it didn't matter... a few pictures in and she had already exclaimed, "I wanna be Wednesday Addams for Halloween!" YIPPEE!

So, voila!

I used the MODKID AVERY sewing pattern, View C (long sleeves) with a few modifications, which I will detail below. Pattern can be found on Etsy, Craftsy and YCMT.


Since most of the pictures I saw of Wednesday Addams' dress had a pointed collar, I decided it was an easy enough modification to make. I printed off the collar pattern piece and re-drew the rounded edge as shown below:

 Then I sewed and finished it just as instructed in the pattern.


Since Avery is a drop-waist dress,  I decided to change the proportions a tad so that the dress would look a bit more authentic. I cut off 2" at the bottom of the Front and Back Bodices (as shown below), and added those 2" to the skirt length.

I cut one single width of fabric, instead of two, to make the skirt less poofy. The skirt was finished just as instructed, except the single seam is now at the center back, instead of two seams at the sides.


This was purely for Sydney's sake (and it's not really a modification because the pattern actually states "Buttons or Snaps"), but for this particular dress I opted to use Pearl Snaps (found at JoAnn Fabrics in the Notions aisle) because Sydney prefers them to buttons. They were super easy to install and only took a couple of minutes.


Fabric: I used Riley Blake's True Black and Clean White, which sewed up like butter and have such a soft, silky hand.

Doll: I used my Potty Girl Panel from my old fabric line, Playdate, which is now out of stock and very hard to find, but I have listed just a handful of panels here, so get them while they're hot because once they're gone, they're GONE! I added black buttons to the eyes and sewed some black hairbows over the existing printed ones, to give her more of a Gothic look.

Doll's dress: I used this FREE printable pattern. Even though the pattern calls for knit fabrics only, I sewed this dress with the same True Black (woven) fabric as the Avery. I cut it on the bias and left the neck and arm holes raw so they would get that awesome fraying... I wanted it to have that vintage ragdoll look.

Shoes: Sydney is wearing my old Doc Martens from my college days. Yes, my almost-10-year-old has the same size feet as I do!


  • Don't forget to join in on the Avery Sew-Along! It starts on September 29th. We have lots of great prizes for costume and non-costume dresses. We can't wait to see what you sew up!!
  • Also, have you sewn a MODKID pattern as a Halloween costume? Share your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag them with #modkidhalloween for a chance to be featured on our blog this coming month. We have a super fun series planned and would love your participation!

Modkid Styled - Avery

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just in case you hadn't seen enough inspiration for the Avery dress as we are planning the sew-along, I thought I'd work in a Modkid Styled Avery. Here's a romantic floral with a little whimsy thrown in with the unicorn bracelet. We can't wait to see what you have planned for your version!

1. Rose Garden Navy

2. Shoes

3. Tights

4. Bracelet

Avery Dress Sew-Along // Supplies

Monday, September 15, 2014

We hope you’ve marked your calendar to join in with our Avery Dress sew-along!! Today, we’re talking supplies, so you can gather what you need before we get started on September 29th.


First and foremost, you will need the Avery Dress pattern. You have 3 options on where to buy it: Craftsy, Etsy, and You Can Make This. Remember, coupon code AVERYSAL2014 gets you 20% off your entire order on the Modkid Etsy store. It expires on 9/24/14 at midnight EST. Kate B. and Nita R. were the lucky winners of the pattern giveaway!


Next, you will need to decide which version of the Avery you would like to make. As you can see above there are three sleeve options: sleeveless, short sleeves, and long sleeves. You also have optional details with a front pocket and belt loops.

The suggested fabrics include: quilting cottons, shirting, voiles, gauzes, lawns, linens, and muslins. Lightweight corduroys and denims would be great as well. Don’t forget our inspiration post! Here’s you fabric requirements list:


In addition to fabric, you will need 1/4” wide elastic per the chart and 7 buttons (1/2” buttons for sizes 2T-5 or 3/4” buttons for sizes 6-10). For view A only, you will need 1 yard of 1/2” wide double fold bias tape or enough fabric to make your own as detailed on page 7 of the pattern.

Modkid Avery Sew Along

As a little bonus for the sew-along, I’ll be showing you how to add piping to the collar. If you’d like to include this detail, be sure to have 1 yard of pre-made piping.

For the sew-along, I will be sewing the Avery dress View C with the pocket addition in a single print. We’ll have plenty of tips along the way should you choose a different version!!

Avery Dress Sew-Along // Costume Inspiration

Friday, September 12, 2014

I hope you have a few ideas for putting your own spin on the Avery Dress from yesterday’s inspiration post. Since there will be a special prize for a costume version of the Avery Dress to go along with sew-along, we thought we would show you a few ideas we came up with after a bit of brainstorming.
Alice in wonderland

snow white
Leave us a comment with your ideas or come share it in the Facebook Fan Group. I’ll be back on Monday to discuss the supplies you will need for the basic Avery Dress.

Avery Dress Sew-Along // Inspiration

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I hope your wheels are turning with ideas for your Avery Dress. We welcome you to sew it as is along with us or try a new variation. I've compiled a few ideas from other Modkid patterns that could make a new twist for the Avery.

Even changing a small detail could give a new look. How about switching the short peasant style sleeve to a cuffed sleeve like the Addison dress?

Skirt pockets like the Bridget pattern would be a fun detail for holding treasures.

With a little more effort, you could completely change up the straight skirt. The pleated skirt like the Olivia pattern or a layered skirt like the Julia pattern would be interesting options.

Be sure to check out our Modkid Inspiration board on Pinterest as well. We've collected ideas such as upcycling a men's dress shirt, adding pintucks, and fabric variations.

Follow modkid's board MODKID Inspiration for Existing Patterns on Pinterest.

We're hoping these idea's get your creative juices flowing! We can't wait to see what you create! I'll be back tomorrow with a few costume ideas.
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